Komu Komu | To whom to whom | 2015

Duration 180 min.| blauverschiebung 08 | KUB Galerie | Leipzig

Photos: Hauke Schmidt

Starting my performance I welcome the audience with a speech:

“Dear Guests, I feel very honoured to perform here today in the frame of the International Performance Art Festival. First I would like to say “thank you” to everybody who supported me in becoming a performance artist and continuing my work. I would like to thank…”

Here I mention names of the citiziens of the town where the performance take place. I read the names in alphabet order from the list.

I continue despite the public gradually leaves the room.
Even when finally all people have left the room I go on reading the names.
I give my thanks to the empty room. The performance has no defined ending.


Video: Hauke Schmidt

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