Płyta wiórowa | Chipboard | 2014

Duration 25 min.
Quadriennale Düsseldorf 2014 | „Über das Morgen hinaus“ Another Place/ Another Space/ Together | for ONOMATO | Düsseldorf

Photos: Heinz Hachel, Hauke Schmidt


The room has a stage made of tiles of chipboard. I approach to the stage. I stand in the spotlight in a satin dress. I give all my attention to putting on a pair of long satin gloves.

I bend down to pull the tile of chipboard on which I was standing out of the stagefloor. I carry it to the side of the room and lean it against the wall. I go back. I take another piece and carry it aside. I go back. I take another… I repeat this several times.

After a while two artists in audience decide to join in to help me. I leave the stage to take their place in the audience. Later two curators, two art collectors and one more woman start to help also. After some time the floor is free of tiles.

Video: Hauke Schmidt

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