Wyprowadzona | Hauled Off | 2014

Duration 27 min.
In the frame of the exhibition “Pauline Boty i Pop Art” | Muzeum Sztuki | Łódź

Photos: A. Taraska-Pietrzak



I sit on the floor with a-sixty-pound sculpture made of chocolate lying in front of me. The sculpture is characterized by significant losses and covered with a thick layer of mold. The sculpture was made by me ten years ago.

I affix a leech to my forehead. It clings to the skin and rolls out across my front. I move my head to the left and right, calmly first, then with increasing speed and force. Finally the leech falls to the floor.

Blood trickles from the wound that the leech left behind.

I cower on all fours in front of the sculpture and start to push it with the strength of my whole body. With each push I move the sculpture a few centimeters further towards the exit.

Finally I push the sculpture through a door and out of the museum walls and close the door behind it.


Video: Hauke Schmidt

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