Spam | 2009

Duration 60 min.

1 | Spam | Lokal_30. | Warszawa
2 | lost in colour – dialog1 | GGM | Gdańsk



Photos: Paulina Braun, Marek Frankowski


Sick of icing and whipped cream.

During a vernissage in a gallery I walk around with a bag full of hard candy. I closely observe the visitors talking to each other. Suddenly I approach a person and start to cram sweets in their mouth. My goal is to stuff more candy inside than they could possibly eat. I repeat the same procedure over and over with most other people in the room.

In different situations I experience a variety of reactions from my audience:
The audience treats it as a strange but funny game.
The audience shows an act of strong self-defense.

Angelika Fojtuch Port | Email: portperformance (at) angelikafojtuch (dot) net