Rewers | Reverse | 2009-2012

Duration 45-240 min.
1 | Mandala |Wrocław ’09

2 | Global Communication| MCSW Elektrownia |Radom ’09
3| 3th Bienal Internacional de Performance Deformes |Valdivia ’10
4| NIPAF’11 |Osaka ’11
5| II Festiwal Sztuki Efemerycznej – Konteksty |Sokołowsko ’12


Photos: Marcin Polak

The audience is sometimes cruel and ruthless in their expectation and sometimes touching. When they come I look at them.

I’m standing in the hall. The audience comes together in front of me. I wait until everyone take their seats and silence allows for concentration to start. I set the alarm on my phone and put it back into my pocket. I look at the audience. The audience looks at me. We look at each other for another 45 minutes until the alarm rings. I inform the audience that 45 minutes just passed and I thank them.

In different situations I experienced different reactions of the audience:
– The audience tried to animate me.
– The audience remained silent and focused me for 45 minutes
– By decision of the curator the next artist tried to take my place after the scheduled 20 minute duration of my performance. I don’t give the space to him.
-Most of the audience went after 10 minutes. Only four women stayed. We looked at each other for another four hours. A couple of men were returning from time to time to look at the situation for a moment.

Angelika Fojtuch Port | Email: portperformance (at) angelikafojtuch (dot) net