Gdzie się podziały | Where have they gone | 2010

Duration 180 min.| 736km. | Brzyskorzystewko

Photos: Patrycja Orzechowska, Ola Went, Ala Karska


Substitutional decoration.


A neoclassical mansion of late nineteenth century surrounded by a park is situated in the village of .Brzyskorzystewko. After the 2nd World War the estate came under the management of the state agricultural agency. A derelict brick pool with an inactive fountain is located in the park in front of the main building.

I stand naked on top of the fountain in a position reminiscent of Botticelli’s Venus. Motionless I stand there for four hours, sweat running down my body from the intense sunshine. The sudden appearance of the sculpture attracts curious villagers to the park, leaving them uncertain whether it is alive or an inanimate object.

Collection: re.act.feminism – a performing archive, Berlin

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