Va banque | 2010

Duration 23 min.
3rd Bienal Internacional de Performance DEFORMES | Santiago de Chile

Photos: David von Blohn



I was looking for the right place, waiting for the right time. Va banque is a hazardous game at the highest risk level.

I face my audience, partially undressed wearing a red bra. Very slowly, step by step, I come closer and study every single person in the room. Finally I join a group of people who are waiting motionless for things to happen. I carefully pass through and stop in front of a man standing against the wall.

I open his jacket and slip under his t-shirt. For a while I remain in this position, clinging to the man’s ehest. Stretching the t-shirt to fit us both, I slowly move around him until I face his back. When I am behind him I slip my hands into his sleeves, lift my arms and pull the t-shirt off his body. I get up and walk away completely dressed. The man stays behind shirtless.


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