twoja | yours | 2005/2006

Duration 10-15 min.

1 | Problem | Galeria Szyperska | Poznań’05
2 | Pelnia sezonu | Modelarnia | Gdańsk’05
3 | Performance lectures | HfG |Karlsruhe’06
4 | Frisch Eingetroffen | Mannheim’06
5 | Zdarzenia | Tczew’06



Photos: Zbigniew T. Kotkiewicz

Heartbeat. Rapid breathing. Heightened senses. Instinct. Readiness. Fight for SOMETHING.


While the audience is assembling, I am waiting outside of the room. Suddenly I come running inside and jump onto one of the men’s legs. I clutch his leg screaming “biegnij!” (run!), “biegnij kurwa!” (run, damn it!) and “szybciej!” (faster!). He tries to run with me holding onto his leg.
In another version of “twoja” I jump on one man’ shoulders, screaming „trzymaj się, kurwa, trzymaj się!” („Trzymaj” has double meaning in polish: 1. hold onto, 2. hold out) – I try to find a way for me to hold onto his back, arms or shoulders, but with time, I slide down more and more. He ceases to move or at other times pushes me away.

Collection: Muzeum Sztuki, Łódź


Video: Zbigniew T. Kotkiewicz

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