3kropki | 3dots | 2007-2009

Duration 60 min.
1 | Creatures in the city of Hieronymus Bosch |s’Hertogenbosch ’07
2 | NADA Art Fair | Lokal_30 | Miami ’08
3 | SUPERMARKET Art Fair | Lokal_30 | Stockholm ’09


Photos: Paulina Braun


Bosch’s paintings as a thematic challenge. The scenes come to life. The „Haywain Triptych” and „The Extraction of the Stone of Madness”. Reactivation. The trajectories of an object in the city and on an art fair.


I am downtown. My entire body is wrapped in bandages from head to toe. I am crawling on the sidewalk. My goal is to “walk” through the streets as far as my condition allows. After a few moments irritated local shopkeepers and a group of adolescent girls start to attack me. The person who is filming the documentary of the performance gets assaulted as well. The video camera is smashed to pieces.

One year later: My whole body is wrapped in bandages again. This time I am lying on the floor in the middle of an ongoing art fair. My goal is to lie there as lang as possible even though I lack the customary price tag.

Angelika Fojtuch Port | Email: portperformance (at) angelikafojtuch (dot) net