Szukam tej osoby | I am looking for this person | 2007

Duration 60 min.
1 | Mandala | Wrocław
2 | Interakcje | BWA Bielsko-Biała
3 | Peptalk is all you need | Karlskrona

2007Angelika Fojtuch I am looking for this person
Angelika Fojtuch_me
Photos: Bartłomiej Sołtysiak, Agnieszka Rayss

Without any motion I am standing on the street amidst people passing by. In my hands I hold a photograph of me and a sign saying “Szukam tej osoby” / “I am looking for this person”

Three years later I do a portrait photo of me holding a photo of this performance. Another five years later I do another portrait of me holding the photo of the former.


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