Beyond | 2012

Duration 240 min.

INFR’ACTION 12 | The garden of Musee Paul Valery | Sete

Photos: Thomas Oldrell, Edvin Sandstrom


Ordinary naked presence beyond perception.
In the garden of the Museum of Paul Valery in Sete, the opening of the festival, performances and a banquet take place. Official speeches are delivered on a specially prepared stage. An olive tree is growing next to the scene. The thick branches and leaves form a discrete, autonomous place right next to the stage. Completely naked, yet removed from the audience’s attention, I sit on a branch, from where I watch and monitor the situation closely. Du ring four hours only a few people casually spot my presence. The majority does not take notice of the ongoing performance.


Angelika Fojtuch Port | Email: portperformance (at) angelikafojtuch (dot) net